Professional Work

Custom Software

We create software tailored to the needs of our clients. This includes custom Programs that your business may need, for special reasons, like our project KaraOK.

Site Creation

We carry out creation of sites, either business or personal. The sites will have the look and feel you want, but we can also propose a number of styles, according to your taste.

Backend Management

We are able to manage the backend of your site, if say you have your own server, and not just hosting from a company.

Extra Web Services

We provide the service of picking out hosting packages from hosting providers, as well as help you out with registering your hostname, for your online presence!

Social Media Integration

We can help you out start your online presence in the social media, by creating your social media accounts and teaching you how to use them effectively to your gain.

Video Game Development

We are able to create small video games for any purpose you want.

Embedded systems

We are cappable of programming custom programs to be ran on arduino boards and other embedded systems.

Full solutions

We provide full stack solutions, including everything for your business' digital ecosystem. This is especially useful if you are a startup looking to get operational ASAP.

Other Stuff

We are also able to provide other services around technological and scientific areas. Please contact us with your request at

Pricing and delivery time

Each customer is unique and each request differs. Therefore we cannot give a fixed price for each service, or a planned delivery time, as we believe that it would not be fair. Contact us at with details of your request, and we will get back to immediately.