Coding Jar's mission is twofold



Quickiversity, as the words comprising it say, is a quick university. Its aim is to provide anyone, be it a child, or an adult, someone with prior knowledge, or someone who is just starting out, the pure essential knowledge to start coding. We currently aim at providing eight core pillars of knowledge, split into 4 career choices paths. The paths are: Systems' Programming, Frontend development, Backend development, and Game Development. Ultimately, our goal is make you able to get, at the very least, a Junior Level Position at a firm, as a developer.


Professional Work

Coding Jar, being a multi-person company, has multiple talents, and can help your business out in a number of ways. Whether you need a backend management system for your bookstore's stock, a site for your flower shop, a video game for your classroom, an interactive activity for your summer camp, or even Social Media advertisement for your new podcast, we can help you.
Our portfolio and media coverage speaks for itself, We have worked with people that using our services went to new heights with their business.